National Demonstration London - NO MORE WAR NO MORE LIES

15 August 2005

March to Trafalgar Square




Fellow Members,


Assemble Hyde Park 12 Noon. March to Trafalgar Square.


ASLEF, with many other unions, can be proud of its opposition to the war on Iraq. Sadly, so much of what we warned against has come true. It is evident that there was no immediate threat from Saddam Hussein"s regime, and apparently no "weapons of mass destruction". The push to war was driven by US plans for the Middle East. Dodgy dossiers and false claims such as the "Niger uranium deal" misled parliament and many people into supporting a bloody and unnecessary war.


Estimates suggest that 8000 civilians died, 20,000 are injured and many thousands of conscripts were killed. Iraq is in chaos, lacking basic services, water and electricity. The occupying powers face hostility and resistance from ordinary Iraqis and criticism from around the world. The war will have recruited many to terrorist groups. The US and Britain are now considering sending more troops, but seek financial and political support from the rest of the world whose opinions they shunned. It is also perhaps no surprise that the TUC General Council received a report from an ILO representative who had visited Iraq who confirmed beyond doubt that the current American controlled Authority in Iraq is extremely hostile to any trade union organisation among Iraqi workers.


The TUC Congress last week reaffirmed the previous position of the General Council that the case for war was never made, that the future of Iraq must be determined by the Iraqi people, not a few chosen friends of the US and that its economy and oil should belong to Iraqi people not US corporations. Congress also agreed that a clear message must be sent that further wars and illegal occupation should not be tolerated in Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Iran or North Korea.


ASLEF members showed their common decency and their commitment before and during the Iraq war and on the massive February demonstrations in London and Glasgow. I hope that members and their families will support the national demonstration on September 27th, proudly displaying ASLEF banners and echoing the message of the Stop the War Coalition which has again organised this demonstration: "No more war, no more lies’.


Yours fraternally




General Secretary

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