ASLEF strikes on Southern

04 January 2017

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, announced this morning that the union will be striking for three days next week and for a further three days at the end of this month. Drivers on Southern Railways will now take strike action on Tuesday 10 January; Wednesday 11 January; and Friday 13 January. And on Tuesday 24 January; Wednesday 25 January and Friday 27 January. The overtime ban continues. ‘We are taking a longer-term view of this trade dispute,' said Mick. 'The company has not been prepared to move – it is simply going through the motions, turning up at ACAS, as it did yesterday, and telling us that it intends to impose DOO. We remain committed to a negotiated settlement, as was reached with ScotRail, but it is difficult to negotiate with people who are not prepared to be flexible. We still believe a deal can be done but we are, at the moment, a long way from that position. It is time for the company to come up with a genuine offer rather than carry on posturing.’

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