ASLEF Circular

05 August 2005

ASLEF&TGWU: Serco Metrolink – Dispute Hearing Recognition





Fellow Members,


Re: ASLEF & TGWU: Serco Metrolink – Dispute Hearing



Following discussions with the TUC and TGWU on Thursday 29 January 2004 concerning the above, it has been agreed that the 24 hour strike of Saturday 31 January 2004 be suspended, thus allowing for further consultation relating to this matter.


After lengthy negotiation a three point ‘Interim TUC Settlement’ was agreed by all parties, which stated that:


1) ASLEF will take the attached statement agreed by the Assistant General Secretary of the TGWU and the General Secretary of ASLEF in 2001, back to its Executive Committee on February 16 2004, with a recommendation that it is ratified.


The ‘attached statement’ which point one refers to is an agreement by the previous General Secretary that ASLEF recognises the TGWU as the sole union for collective bargaining purposes at Manchester Metrolink, also that ASLEF will not pursue recognition at those companies where the TGWU’s recognition is agreed. Please note that the ‘statement’ is not attached to this circular as it is listed for the Executive Committee meeting of 16 February 2004.


2) ASLEF and the TGWU will then enter into discussions in relation to the issues between them and future relations. These discussions will take place under the auspices of the TUC who will review the position within a reasonable period. In the event that agreement cannot be reached then the TUC Disputes Committee will reconvene to consider the TGWU’s complaint, including the substantive dispute over recognition, and make an award.


3) ASLEF will suspend its industrial action this evening (29 January 2004). The TGWU will secure assurances that the company will not discipline or victimise any of its workers as result of the action that has already taken place. ASLEF will then call off this action.


Following the above declaration ASLEF received affirmation from Serco (30 January 2004) that with immediate effect they would lift the current special overtime restrictions and return to the pre-January 2004 potion.


Further that Serco would withdraw any disciplinary action (actual or pending) against any members of staff relating to the dispute.


The General Secretary and the Executive Committee wish to congratulate all members of Manchester Metrolink Branch for their solidarity, discipline and professionalism that you have shown so far. I will of course inform you immediately, on confirmation, of future meetings with the TUC and TGWU to resolve this issue.


Please bring this circular to the attention of all your members


Yours fraternally


Shaun Brady

General Secretary

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