Joint Statement

05 August 2005

It is recognised that staff at Head Office are committed to the well being of ASLEF and neither the General Secretary nor the executive believes there is any staff group working against the General Secretary or ASLEF interests.


ASLEF and the GMB give an unequivocal assurance that current procedures will be fully adhered to and are keen to resolve any outstanding issues as quickly and positively as possible.


Any procedures which need review or change will be the subject of full and meaningful consultation with staff and their union representatives; with both sides seeking to reach agreement wherever possible before any changes are implemented.


The letter of 29th December has been withdrawn and a letter from the General Secretary expressing his regret and concern over any distress caused by this earlier letter has been sent to all staff.


The executive committee disassociated itself from that 29th December letter in a circular to all branches.


ASLEF prides itself on being a good employer and the executive and General Secretary recognise that a fresh start is needed and are committed to working from now on in partnership with ASLEF staff in order to give ASLEF members the highest standard of service.


Shaun Brady - ASLEF General Secretary


Martin Samways - ASLEF President


Dawn Butler - GMB

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