Letter to Manchester Metrolink members

05 August 2005

Recognition Serco Metrolink




Dear Colleague,


Re: Recognition Serco Metrolink


I am writing to thank you for your support for our union in recent weeks, and to inform you of the situation to-date to secure for you full recognition for ASLEF as the trade union of your choice.


First I must say that I have been impressed by the reports I have received of the discipline with which this has been observed, and by the increasing number of employees joining ASLEF. At the beginning of the dispute ASLEF had 66 members, since that date this has increased to 88, a total of 22 new members which clearly shows the passionate belief that the lack of recognition is unjustified.


The recognition dispute with SERCO is now entering a critical phase, and some of our members at Manchester Metrolink are new to trades unionism and may not have experienced industrial action before, are coming under enormous pressure from management to discontinue their action. Members have been refused overtime and are generally experiencing an atmosphere of intimidation. Despite this however, the support shown for the recent 24-hour strike by our members at the company was tremendous.


Let me emphasise again that you cannot legally be sacked or disciplined for taking lawful industrial action in pursuit of this issue, and that your right to be individually represented by ASLEF remains unimpaired. Do not be misled by threats or misinformation from management. This protection from dismissal lasts at least 8 weeks and even then is subject to the employers being required to negotiate to resolve the dispute.


However, there is as yet no sign that SERCO management are prepared to see sense and agree to recognise ASLEF as the proper trade union to negotiate on behalf of our members.


On the 29 January 2004 ASLEF will attend a TUC Disputes Committee hearing following complaints from a trade union that ASLEF is in breach of TUC rules concerning rights on recognition. We will of course advise you of further developments immediately they have been received.


I and the Assistant General Secretary will be addressing the Branch on the 26 November 2004 and I urge all members to attend. Please contact your Branch Secretary for the time and venue.


Finally, may I, on behalf of the Executive Committee, take this opportunity to once again thank all our members for their solidarity despite attempts to undermine our members claim.


Yours fraternally,


Shaun Brady

General Secretary

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