Battery power no alternative to investment

27 March 2017

Network Rail Chief Executive Mark Carne said in a newspaper interview at the weekend that the electrification of the UK’s rail network should be reduced in favour of low cost alternatives such as battery powered trains. Mr Carne told the Times that electrifying lines was ‘not necessarily the best way’ to improve punctuality or capacity.


Responding to the comments ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan said ‘Mr Carne’s remarks demonstrate a real lack of ambition for Britain’s railways and are all the more galling given his organisation’s recent track record of managing infrastructure projects.’


Mick added ‘It sounds like Mr Carne doesn’t even want to make do and mend any more. Battery powered trains are no substitute for proper overhead wires. Why bother with a digital railway if we are going to be Duracell bunnies.’

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