Launch of the ASLEF/NUM Miners Strike Badge

03 August 2005

20th Anniversary of the Great Coal Strike of 1984/85


On 30th March ASLEF asked its members not to transport coal, followed by the NUR on 3rd April. ASLEF members stood shoulder to shoulder with the pickets and placed their own jobs at risk by refusing to move coal wagons, some of those wagons were put into sidings and not moved until the end of the strike.


As the solidarity shown by the NUR and ASLEF members began to take effect many drivers and guards were threatened or victimised by management, particularly those engaged in the Nottingham area. Some were sent home when they refused to work normally and this eventually led to a regional strike on 17th January disrupting trains from parts of London, Yorkshire and the East Midlands.


At national level, ASLEF became one of the staunchest supporters of the strike assisting the struggle with funding and the collection of food parcels. At senior level General Secretary, Ray Buckton, became central in the discussion among supporting union leaders about tactics during the miners" strike.


In commemoration to the solidarity of ASLEF during the miners strike and its historical links to the mining communities it was agreed to the production of a limited 20th anniversary miner’s strike badge.


The price of the badges will be £3.50 each inclusive of postage and packaging for ASLEF members and can only be obtained through your branch secretary. Non members will be charged £4.50 each inclusive of postage and packaging. Proceeds of the sale will be donated to the Justice for Mineworkers and another selected charity.


Please make Cheques payable to ‘ASLEF’ with the words ‘Miners Anniversary Strike’ written on the reverse.


Orders to:



9 Arkwright Road




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