Freight Grants return

03 August 2005

Since the sudden suspension of Freight Facilities Grants and Track Access grants in January 2003, ASLEF has continually pressed for their restoration.


Following the announcement that FFG and TAGs would cease, correspondence was forwarded to Richard Bowker, Chairman and Chief Executive of the SRA, highlighting the lost opportunities due to the withdrawal of FFGs and TAGs and that we are increasingly seeing potential business returning to our roads and contributing to a country that is gradually becoming gridlocked.


In his reply Richard Bowker made comment that they are acutely aware of the impact on the freight industry of the suspension and where working towards reopening the scheme as soon as possible. This should be possible, said Mr Bowker once they have signed off the budget for 2004/05.


Following discussions with the Government and the SRA at the end of 2003 the SRA finally responded to ASLEF and industry pressure in February 2004 by launching the CNRS and re-opening the Track Access Grant Scheme.


However ASLEF is concerned that the £22m budget allocation for 04/05 will be too small and we will work to ensure the budget is increased if demand for grants exceeds supply. Further meetings have been held with the Government and the SRA on this matter and to request that an announcement on the position regarding freight facilities grants be made soon.

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