03 August 2005

ASLEF is campaigning against the Home Office proposals to remove train drivers involved in suicides and trespass from the right to claim from the Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme.


The Government Home Office is consulting on proposed changes to the CICA (Criminal Injury Compensation Authority) and ASLEF has submitted a response to the changes.


ASLEF has requested an urgent meeting with ministers to highlight our concerns regarding the changes. In the meantime postcards will be produced and sent to branches.


It is crucial that all drivers sign the postcards and forward them to their respective Members of Parliament, calling on them to contact the Home Office expressing their own misgiving over the proposed changes.


As you will read in our submission to the Home Office, both Government and Opposition supported the inclusion of drivers into the scheme back in the late 1980s, it is therefore important to remember that this is a cross party campaign.


It is also our intention to extend our campaign by approaching passengers on railway stations for their support, requesting that they sign the postcard. These will be forwarded to ASLEF Head Office and subsequently passed onto the respective Members of Parliament.


In the mean time, Branches are requested to write to the branch constituency MPs seeking their support on this matter or even better, raise the issue directly with the MPs during their constituency surgery hours. Labour Party members should also bring the issue to the attention of their Ward and Constituency meetings encouraging them to write direct to the Minister dealing with the consultation paper:


Rt Hon Baroness Scotland of Asthal

Minister of State,

Home Office

House of Lords



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