AAD Monday

22 May 2017

Marvin Rees, Labour Mayor of Bristol, opened AAD today, telling delegates: ‘I congratulate you for leading the campaign to get the world-class transport system we need. It’s about sustainable economic development. I grew up here, in Bristol, as a poor, mixed-race kid, in a physically divided city, and part of the problem was the transport network, so I know the importance of the transport network in building an integrated modern city. People get locked out of the economic opportunities. It’s essential that we make sure we have a transport system – here and everywhere else in Britain - that connects everyone.’

Bernard Kennedy, of Bristol branch, was elected as chair of AAD and Daniel Masrani, of Cardiff, was elected vice-chair of conference.

Jim Peters, in a thoughtful and poignant speech this morning, talked movingly about prostate cancer. More than 50 delegates went for a PSA test at lunchtime offered by the Graham Fulford charitable trust.

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