03 August 2005

The SRA today (10 February 2004) launched the Company Neutral Revenue Support (CNRS) scheme.


The new scheme is designed to further support and secure growth in the market for the movement of intermodal containers by rail in Great Britain, and applies to deep-sea, short-sea and domestic intermodal rail freight.


The scheme has a budget of approximately £22 million for 2004/05, and will be open to applicants immediately.


The European Commission has approved CNRS for duration of 3 years, stretching to 31 March 2007, with a budget of approximately £22 million in 2004/05. Funding for 2005/06 and 2006/07 is anticipated to be broadly similar at around £20-£25 million per annum.


Around 80-85% of Track Access Grant (TAG) is replaced by CNRS. Prior to the approval expiring, the scheme will be evaluated to ascertain whether an extension will be pursued.


The SRA will administer CNRS in England and Wales. The administration of CNRS in Scotland is under discussion at present and is expected to be confirmed shortly.

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