ASLEF Circular

03 August 2005








Fellow Members,


Further to Head Office circular 651/2003


In their session of 22 January 2004 the Executive Committee gave consideration to an interim finance report from the General Secretary and adopted the following resolution:


084/424 “That the interim report be noted and that the further four reports referred to by the General Secretary be placed before this EC in the February and March 2004 sessions. This EC notes the comments of the General Secretary, to date, there is no evidence of criminal activity in the application of the financial activities of ASLEF. However, if in the light of further reports if criminality is uncovered then this EC will take the necessary steps to fulfil its obligations under the law and the relevant authorities shall be informed and invited to investigate any matter.


This EC requires the four reports referred to by the General Secretary to be placed before this EC in a definitive report that will collate all the evidence placed before this EC between January 2004 to March 2004. Further, the General Secretary be instructed to make the necessary arrangements for monthly financial reports to be placed before this EC, along with monthly tracking reports on ASLEF investments. A full review of ASLEF’s finances be conducted and reported to this EC in the March 2004 session as referred to in EC resolution 790/423.


Furthermore, this review to be with the General Secretary, ASLEF Trustees, ASLEF Auditors, representatives of ASLEF Finance Department and the EC.


All branches and representatives be advised.”


The additional reports relate to investments, property, IT systems and the Officer’s and staff Pension fund.


Further, on consideration to a report from the union’s trustees the Executive Committee adopted the following resolution.


085/424 “That the report be noted in light of EC resolution 084/424”


The report of the trustees accepted the interim finance report with the proviso that they see the final report. Further they expressed concern that the trustees’ names were appended to circular 515/2003 headlined “Interim special audit of ASLEF accounts” which are now known not to have been a certified audit.


In accordance with EC resolution further reports will be presented to the February and March sessions with a full financial report to be placed before the March 2004 session. Members will be advised of further developments as they arise.


Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of your members.


Yours fraternally



Shaun Brady

General Secretary

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