Update: Southern Rail Overtime ban

28 June 2017

Commenting on the train driver overtime ban which is due to take effect on Southern Rail from tomorrow (June 29th) ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan said ‘the ban reflects the total loss of trust and goodwill between train drivers and the company. Drivers work overtime on an entirely voluntary basis and have no contractual obligation to do so.’ 

Mick added, ‘The shortage of train drivers is wholly down to a lack of recruitment by Southern rail who have made no effort to recruit drivers over many years, a point echoed by the government commissioned Gibb report last week. In fact, responsibility lies with GTR/Southern’s managing director Charles Horton who has run the company and its predecessors on the cheap for nearly a decade and has always put the interests of shareholders ahead of those of passengers and taxpayers.’ 

Mick concluded ‘I once again give notice to the government and the rail industry that if any train driver is verbally abused, threatened or attacked as a result of the lies peddled by Southern Rail, we reserve the right to do whatever is necessary to protect our members, on Southern or nationally.’

Notes to editors: 

More than 95% of train drivers on Southern Rail are members of ASLEF


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