Jaguar workers march and rally

28 July 2005

A march and rally in support of workers has been organised by Jaguar unions the T&G and Amicus, to be held on Saturday 27 November at 10am in Coventry City Centre.


Supporters are asked to assemble for 10:30am at Speakers Corner, Coventry Council Buildings.


Speakers at the rally include:


Tony Woodley T&G

Derek Simpson Amicus





On Friday 17th September Ford announced that Jaguar production would be moved from its historic Browns Lane plant in Coventry to Castle Bromwich in Birmingham, and the loss of 1,150 jobs. There has been no consultation with the unions.


In 1998 Ford signed an agreement with the unions that the position of the Jaguar sites in the West Midlands was secured. The announcement to move production out of Browns Lane in Coventry breaks that agreement.

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