ASLEF backs charter of workers

28 July 2005

Despite the introduction of the Employment Relations Act 1997, the Review of that Act and the subsequent introduction of the Employment Relations Act 2004, Britain remains in breach of fundamental international labour standards, according to a recent report from the UK’s Joint Committee on Human Rights.


The Joint Committee on Human Rights has been reviewing UK legislation to assess whether our framework of law adequately protects rights guaranteed under the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. On 2nd November 2004 the Committee found that in relation to a number of workplace rights – particularly the right to strike - the UK is failing in its duty to protect and promote fundamental rights at work.


While the CBI indulges in its annual whinge about “red tape”, trade unions and their members are calling for a more radical programme of reform from a 3rd term Labour Government.


And on Saturday 13th November many of those unions will gather at a rally in Conway Hall to call for the anti-trade union laws to be repealed and replaced with a Charter of Workers’ Rights.


The Rally is organised by the United Campaign for the Repeal of Anti Trade Union Laws.


Joining the platform of speakers will be:


· Brian Caton, General Secretary POA

· Bob Crow, General Secretary RMT and Chair United Campaign

· Jeremy Dear, General Secretary, NUJ

· Rosie Eagleson, General Secretary AMO

· Maria Exall, NEC CWU, Asst. Secretary United Campaign

· Eddie Grimes, AMICUS-EC

· Steve Kemp, National Secretary NUM

· Mark Serwotka, General Secretary PCS

· Ruth Winters, National President FBU, Vice President United Campaign

· Shirley Winters, Magnet Dispute, Vice President United Campaign

· Barry Camfield, Asst General Secretary, TGWU


Other speakers include:


· Tony Benn, Vice-President United Campaign

· Steve Cottingham, OH Parsons, United Campaign Legal Advisers Committee

· John Hendy QC, Secretary, United Campaign

· Carolyn Jones, Director, Institute of Employment Rights

· Vic Turner, President, United Campaign


Looking forward to the Rally, Bob Crow said:


“For some time now trade unions have been united in the belief that the anti-trade union laws need to be removed from the statute book and replaced with a Charter of Workers’ Rights. This Joint Committee now agrees that our strike laws are too restrictive and is urging the Government to take notice of the criticisms made by international bodies and review existing UK laws in light of those criticisms”.


The Rally takes place on Saturday 13th November, from 11.00am to 4.00pm at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1 and is free.


All trade unionists and press welcome.


Details from:


Gary Fabian, on 01582 616045



or Carolyn Jones, IER on 07941 076245


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