ASLEF’s parliament

24 May 2017

ASLEF’s annual assembly of delegates ­– our annual conference – was held at the Marriott Royal Hotel, Bristol, from Monday 22 to Thursday 25 May.AAD is ASLEF’s policy-making parliament, the foundation of our union’s democratic structure.

‘This is where we turn our trade union over to the membership to evaluate where we are, and what we have done, and to discuss future changes and evolution of policy based on items sent in from branches for discussion,’ said GS Mick Whelan.

‘It has been a hard year of legal, governmental and industrial attack and some decisions will have to be made that will impact on all our futures. This AAD will define attitudes and policy; what it cannot do is dictate strategy. That will always lie with the lead officers and, when the machinery is exhausted, the executive committee, who apply policy on a daily basis, which may often be subject to the vagaries of changing circumstance or what can be moved forward through negotiation.’

Tosh McDonald, in his president’s address, said: ‘AAD is ASLEF’s most important body. You make the policy that we carry out.’

Every branch has the right to propose a motion and the chance to send a delegate to the forum where, each year, we establish our priorities and make plans for the year ahead.


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