Train drivers call for advanced cab warning system

28 July 2005

ASLEF"s acting General Secretary, Keith Norman, has repeated calls for investment in advanced warning systems for train drivers" cabs.


Commenting in the aftermath of the First Great Western level crossing disaster Keith Norman said:


"Level crossings are a major site for deaths on the railway network. The technology exists to give train drivers advance warning of blockages on the track.


With millions in public subsidies going into the railway and with train operating companies making millions in profits it is time for Network Rail and the train operating companies to give the highest priority to the safety of passengers and railway workers.


I speak for all train drivers when I extend the sympathy of ASLEF to the families of those killed in the Ufton Nervet tragedy. We wish a swift recovery to the injured and offer our thanks to the dedicated emergency services workers who responded so swiftly to this major incident.


Our thoughts are with the family of our union colleague who lost his life in the driving cab of this train."


Technological developments


Japanese rail technology experts are developing useful new techniques in obstacle detection on level crossings. Keith Norman went on to say:


"Train drivers are keenly interested in applying these lessons to the British rail network."



In addressing concerns about the safety of gate-crossings for both motor vehicles and trains, particularly at high-speed locations, U.S. company Union Switch & Signal inc. have developed the Four-Quadrant Gate Highway-Crossing Warning System.

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