EWS/I Railway - Industrial action by RMT

28 July 2005

The RMT has advised ASLEF that their members working for EWS and EWSI will be taking part in industrial action consisting of a ban on overtime and rest day working from 26 October 2004.


Also the RMT will be instructing their members on EWS/EWSI not to book on for duty from 05.30 hours on Saturday 30 October 2004 to 05.30 hours on Monday 1 November 2004.


ASLEF will not do anything to undermine our sister union"s action. We would remind members of the principles of the trade union movement in not covering someone"s work or duty when they are in dispute and of observing a sister union"s picket line.


If any member has concerns about safety arising from the industrial action, they should contact their Lead Officer, Company Council representatives or Regional Safety Representatives for advice.




Acting General Secretary

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