Procuring profits for plutocrats

28 July 2005

ASLEF leader Keith Norman today condemned the £100.000 bonus paid to an underground maintenance boss.


"The £552,000 salary paid to Tubelines boss Terry Morgan would be extravagant even the job was done well. This undeserved bonus is a slap in the face for the thousands of underground workers who struggle to provide the rapid transit service Londoners deserve.


"Privatising tube maintenance is proving an expensive mistake. Train drivers and London Underground agree that the infrastructure maintenance and renewal is unsatisfactory.


"Train drivers, who remain worried that the full lessons of the Camden Town and Hammersmith derailments have not been learned cannot reconcile these grotesque payments, and the £100,000 a day profits made by Tubelines with the fact that they were fined £15 million for their failures.


"PPP the so-called "private public partnership" should be renamed procuring profits for plutocrats."

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