ASLEF welcomes Labour

28 July 2005

Labour’s vote in favour of returning rail to public ownership was welcomed today by Keith Norman acting general secretary of the train drivers’ union ASLEF.


Speaking at the union’s annual delegate conference in Scarborough Keith Norman said: “Millions of rail users and many millions more voters will welcome the big vote in favour of returning rail to public ownership”


“It will give many people an extra reason to vote Labour if they are convinced a radical third term Labour government will end the robbery and inefficiency of private ownership”.


Speaking before the union’s conference debate on Labour Party affiliation Keith Norman said “Not union members, not Labour supporters nor the voters think privatisation works. And attempts by ministers to subvert the democratic decisions of the party conference or flout the will of the electorate will not help Labour win.


“Train operating companies and private owners have taken billions in public money and given back a fragmented and a rail system that many consider unsafe” said Graham Morris, ASLEF’s delegate to the Labour conference.

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