Tackle staff assaults systematically says ASLEF

28 July 2005

ASLEF today welcomed the reduction in "Line of route" offences such as obstructing trains and endangering safety. These offences have fallen by 15% while railway trespass was down 4.9%.


Commenting on the annual report of the British Transport Police acting general secretary Keith Norman said, "Train drivers" take some comfort from the reduction in offences that directly threaten safety on the railway for passengers and staff.


However, the increase in assaults is a problem that demands a systematic approach involving adequate staffing of stations, passenger areas and trains.


Drivers understand the frustrations that passengers experience but nothing justifies victimising railway workers.


Providing public transport is a public service and railway staff retain a public service ethos.


Our conviction is that a public service driven agenda rather than a commercial profit-driven approach is the best basis for developing better conditions on the railway.

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