New Labour rail policy challenged

28 July 2005

A new paper by the union-backed think tank Catalyst has called for "real public ownership and accountability for Britain"s" railways."


"In 1998 the Labour government promised a "rail renaissance", funded by a step change in public investment set out in the Ten Year Transport Plan of 2000. Mid-way through the plan the railways are receiving three times more public money than ten years ago, yet performance remains lower than the late 1990s and passenger and freight growth have been disappointing" they claim.


Arguing that money has been thrown at an inefficient and ineffective railway system bequeathed by the Conservatives" disastrous privatisation policy Catalyst says "New Labour has yet to rise to the political challenge of extending real public ownership and accountability to ensure that this public investment generates a social, economic and environmental return."


Renaissance delayed? New Labour and the railways is a Catalyst Working Paper. It forms the first stage of Catalyst"s research programme "A Future For Rail" undertaken with support and close cooperation of ASLEF, RMT and TSSA.


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