MTR Elizabeth Line

13 July 2020

Current Pay:



Driver Team Leader + £3127 pensionable allowance. Driver Instructor + £2599 non pensionable allowance.

1st Year Driver - £46,900

Trainee Driver - £31,124

April 1st 2021: February RPI + 0.5% (or 2%, whichever is greater). 

Next Claim:

 1 April 2022

Rest Day Working Sanction:

 Until 29 December 2020

Additional Comments:

 RDW monitored monthly by local reps

ASLEF Charter Achievements

Clean salary:


100% Pensionable Pay:


32 hours/Sundays inside:

 34 hour week and Sundays inside, maximum of 21 per annum.
4 day week  Yes, spread over roster-cycle
Leave arrangements  30 annual leave days, 20 of which are rostered

Special Leave Arrangements

 Funeral leave for near relatives


Vacancies advertised for Driver Team Leaders, Driver Instructors, Drivers and Trainee Drivers

Medically Restricted Drivers:

Arrangements for permanently and temporarily restricted drivers. Bupa Group medical insurance scheme available
Improved HS/Welfare Dealt with by JSC

Travel Facilities:

Free oyster card for staff and one nominated person.

75% discount ATOC card for unprotected staff.

DOO status  All DOO

Proactive recruitment of Company training:


Retirement at 60:


Max 9h30 Day:


Reduced hours etc:

 Job share and flexible working schemes.

Enhanced training

 Simulators and online

Working Time Directive In place
Best Practice SMD In place


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