Mick Blackburn dismissed

28 July 2005

ASLEF has dismissed the union"s assistant general secretary Mick Blackburn. The executive committee were unanimous in finding him guilty of gross misconduct for his role in the forging of a reference for a relative of his.


Acting general secretary Keith Norman said, "Train drivers perform a public

service with a high degree of personal responsibility. They demand no lower

standards of conduct from their elected representatives.


"The circumstances in which a letterhead of the union was forged, a false

reference given, a forged signature appended and the complicity of other

members of staff secured in this dishonest enterprise has damaged the union.


"I am particularly distressed that, in an attempt to cover up these

offences, that lies were told to Matthias Kelly QC who had been commissioned by the union to investigate its financial, operational and other related affairs."


A separate charge of using the union"s computer equipment to download

pornographic material was not proceeded with.



The background to the forgery is detailed in the Kelly Report pages 175-176.

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