SQUASH Campaign

31 October 2017

squash campaignASLEF is relaunching its celebrated SQUASH campaign to persuade the freight and train operating companies and the Department for Transport to bring drivers’ cabs into the 21st century and ensure they are ‘Safe, Quiet, User-friendly, Aired, Specially Seated and Healthy’.


Keith Norman, general secretary when the original campaign ran in 2006, said: ‘Which is safer – a driver in an air-conditioned, clean and comfortable cab with an ergonomically designed chair and the respect that goes with it or an overheated worker in a grubby little box? If you don’t know the answer, it’s time you joined management!’


A motion from Hoo Junction branch was passed at AAD 2018 in Bristol calling on the EC to relaunch the campaign. Although progress has been made, freight members, in particular, still face excessive temperatures in their cabs during the summer months. The installation of recirculating fans has proved insufficient. In order to provide a working environment conducive to the levels of concentration required to carry out our duties safely, the installation of air conditioning units on all forms of traction is a minimum requirement.’


‘Temperatures in some cabs are still far too high; many train drivers’ seats are not adjustable; and members have suffered hearing loss because of high-pitched and loud noise,’ said GS Mick Whelan. ‘We want clean, safe and healthy cabs for every driver and that is why we are calling on the TOCs and FOCs to invest in cabs for the health and safety of drivers and passengers and on the DfT to ensure that every franchise it awards includes a specific commitment to satisfactory cab conditions.’



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