Cancellation of unofficial meeting

28 July 2005

Letter from Acting General Secretary Keith Norman, to Mr. Steve Clark, District Council Secretary, District Council No. 6.


Dear Colleague,


Re District 6 Open Meeting


I refer to your letter received today regarding a meeting on Monday 5 July. I have the agreement of the Vice President on behalf of the E.C. to send this letter. You are required to ensure that the meeting is called off.


It was not declared as a District 6 Open Meeting until we had your letter today. We consider the suggestion that it is likely to be disingenuous. We refer to the references about the meeting on the "trueaslef" website, (in relation to which website legal action must be pursued, In the interests of your union). We also refer to the unofficial circular, which you have probably seen, but a copy is attached, entitled, "Not the Loco Journal". This is false, libellous and intentionally destructive. We already have information of the sources of its circulation.


The meeting and the circulars will bring the union further into serious disrepute (in breach of Rule 17 (a)(vi). Neither do we consider that a District Council has the power to call such a meeting under the Rules, which is also undemocratic. As a District Council you must take careful heed of Rule 11(a)(iv). Just as important are the breaches of Rules 3.1.(ii) and 3.1.(vii), which will occur. Unofficial circulars are dealt with under Rule 17.4(a). We also refer you to Rule 17(a)(ix). The circulars and the meetings are also designed to oppose the Executive Committee and constitute a collusion to breach 6.3.i, and/or 6.4(a) and 6.6(a).


It is unnecessary anyway, as the Kelly Report has not been circulated. This will be sent to Branches as soon as sufficient copies are returned from the printers. Members will be invited to consider copies at the Branch. Everyone concerned for ASLEF should read it and equally the appendices carefully.


The E.C., officers and trustees will have the opportunity to discuss the Report with Mr. Kelly and efforts are being made for that to happen next week.


We are also arranging special District council meetings to discuss the Kelly Report and the ramifications of it, we hope in as positive a way for the union as possible.


We need our E.C. to reflect on the far-reaching findings and act on them promptly. We do not need further destructive distractions from the job we must do for the union and its members.


Requiring that the meeting is called off is not censorship, it is sense. We intend that all the issues are fully considered and debated in the appropriate forums and in an appropriate manner.


This is a time for serious reflection and constructive moves. As Mr. Kelly says (and as is obvious to all reasonable people) a period of stability and reconciliation within the union is now needed. The meeting on Monday is an attempt to cause more friction and plays into the hands of the enemies of the union and our movement.


Yours sincerely,


Keith Norman,

Acting General Secretary


Letter dated 30th June 2004, from Steve Clark, District Council Secretary, District Council No.6


Dear Colleague,

This letter is to advise you that there will be a District 6 Open Meeting on Monday 5th July 2004 at the St. Aloysius Church Hall, Pheonix Road, London, starting at 11.30am.

I would like to take this opportuity to invite yourself and all other EC members and Officers to the meeting.

I would also ask if you could please circularise the details of this meeting to all those Branches and Officers concerned in District 6.


Your fraternally



Steve Clark


District Council Secretary



We are grateful to Steve Clark for the following letter responding positively to our request.


Dear Colleague,


As per your correspondence re the District 6 Open Meeting on Monday 5th July 2004, the meeting will hereby be cancelled as per your instruction.


Letters will be sent out to all Branches instructing them not to attend the meeting cancelled under your instruction.


Yours fraternally



Steve Clark


District Branch Secretary

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