Bring East Coast back into public ownership

04 January 2018

We Own It! have launched a new campaign to bring East Coast back into public ownership, which ASLEF is happy to support.

Please sign and help us to promote the East Coast petition.

 For more information visit:


we own itIt’s outrageous that Chris Grayling plans to bail out Virgin Trains East Coast by up to £2 billion - Labour’s Andrew Adonis and Tom Watson are absolutely right to stand up for passengers (Tom Watson calls on Chris Grayling to quit over 'grubby' East Coast rail deal’, 31st December).

Rail passengers and taxpayers are sick of the rip off of privatisation, and this bail out is the final straw. 76% of us think the railways should be in public ownership, and when East Coast was in public hands, it enjoyed the highest rate of customer satisfaction of the whole network, at 91%.

Chris Grayling, we call on you to bring our railways into public ownership, starting with the East Coast line.

That means you’ll need to reinstate Directly Operated Railways as a publicly owned operator of last resort, ready to run rail franchises.

In the meantime, we want you to ensure that rail companies don’t get away with breaching the terms of their franchise contract, as Virgin Trains East Coast has done. This sets a dangerous precedent to other private operators.

It’s time to put passengers and the public before shareholders.


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