Who took away £700m, George?

31 January 2018

The Evening Standard, under the headline 'TfL faces £400m budget hole as thousands stop using the Tube' reports that Transport for London's income from fares is set to fall £239 million this financial year, with commercial income - from advertising, retail and property - set to drop £160 million.Tube income is currently £80 million less than planned.

'This is especially challenging for Mayor Sadiq Khan,' the paper reports. 'As he has committed himself to a four-year fares freeze and the Tube is the only TfL passenger service that makes a profit.

'Further problems will come in April when TfL loses the last of its government subsidy to help run the Tube and bus network. This was once worth £700 million a year.'

Yes, indeed. It was. And who was it who, in government, took away that £700 million? Step forward George Osborne, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, and now editor of the Evening Standard, from which post he heaps daily piles of muck all over the head of Theresa May, who sacked him, and Boris Johnson, whom he loathes.

Finn Brennan, ASLEF's organiser on London Underground, said: 'Strange that there's no mention in this article that it was the current editor of the Standard that took £700 million out of the TfLbudget!'

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