Tube drivers to strike on Friday 13

29 March 2018

ASLEF members at Acton Town on the District line will strike for 24 hours on Friday 13 April in a dispute over the company’s failure to stick to the agreed policy on dealing with SPADs (signals passed at danger incidents).

Drivers voted by 98% in favour of strikes on a turnout of almost 80%.

Finn Brennan, ASLEF’s organiser on London Underground, said: ‘We are really disappointed that London Underground have refused, for the last two months, to even sit down with us to discuss this issue. Our members want policies and procedures to be applied fairly.

‘Sadly, some managers on LU want to pick and choose which policies they apply. Threatening individuals with disciplinary action, refusing to talk, and leaving our members with no other option than to take strike action is not the progressive approach we expect to see from Transport for London.’

Finn added: ‘Instead of sitting down with us and trying to resolve this dispute London Underground have repeatedly tried to use legal manoeuvres to prevent our members taking action.’

ASLEF has now given London Underground notice that members at Earl’s Court depot on the District line are now being balloted for strike action.


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