A new deal for working people - TUC march and rally

04 April 2018

A new deal for working people - TUC march and rally

The march will assemble at Victoria Embankment between Hungerford bridge and Blackfriars bridge at 11am. 

On 12 May 2018, thousands of people will march through London to demand a new deal for working people. 

Why? Because real wages are still lower than before the crash in 2008. Because three million workers are stuck on zero hour contracts, in agency work and in low paid self-employment. Because hardworking public servants haven’t had a proper payrise for eight years. Because our NHS is at breaking point. And because years of cuts have led to poverty, homelessness and despair for too many.

New deal for working peopleWe’re marching for the alternative. For a growing economy with great jobs in every nation and region of the UK. For a £10ph minimum wage and the right to a voice at work. For public services that are brilliant, funded and free at the point of use. And for a society that roots out racism, sexism and discrimination.

We stand up for millions of working people all over the UK. Join us in London on 12 May.





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