We will not be shy

26 April 2018

I want to thank our members at Acton Town for the unity and solidarity shown in the action taken over the abrogation of recognised and agreed process and procedure and virtual blackmail of a colleague into another role.


This is not, as misrepresented in the press, about defending the indefensible, and poor safety of the line, but ensuring the methodology for dealing with such issues is the agreed and tested one. We are balloting elsewhere on imposition rostering and hope that common sense prevails because we will not be shy in responding when companies refuse to honour agreements and operate in bad faith.


We attended the STUC and Welsh Labour Party conferences at the end of April, speaking out on issues – such as freight, DOO, infrastructure, and affordable housing – that impact on our members, their families and futures.


The decision on the future of the East Coast franchise will be made soon. We know what we would like to see but, whatever happens, the uncertainty for those employed and who use it must end.


Trade unions are internationalist and, while it is right to challenge countries that use chemical weapons, we must be sure of the facts and a vote of Parliament, before taking action, is part of the democratic process. The Prime Minister may think this is her ‘Maggie and the Falklands’ moment but being a puppet of the US, and staying silent about Yemen, is not a good look.


We are gearing up for our annual assembly of delegates when members analyse what we are doing and create the policies, based on items from branches, that drive our agenda. We have 176 branches and will have 100 representatives present – it is worth reminding each other that we carry out the policy of the trade union – and look forward to the Young Members’ fringe and their growing voice in ASLEF. It is appropriate that AAD is in Liverpool where we will say goodbye to District 3 Organiser Colin Smith and thank him for his long service to the union and its members and the movement as a whole. He will be greatly missed but I am sure Andy Hourigan will fill those large shoes and make the role his own. We are replacing an Evertonian with a Man City fan but this has not seemed to impact on their abilities in the past (joke!) and wish both of them the very best.


Finally, I hope to see you at the TUC’s march and rally in London on 12 May. Please come and join us!




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