Public Accounts Committee report savages franchise system

26 April 2018

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has responded to the coruscating Public Accounts Committee report into franchising published at midnight tonight.


Mick said: ‘There are times when we do not want to be proved right – as we want our industry, the rail industry, to be at the heart of the economic regeneration of this country – but this report, which is a devastating indictment of the failed franchising system, shows that we were right all along.


‘This report recognises what we have been saying for years – that this flawed dogma-driven model is not fit for purpose and is, indeed, on the verge of collapse.


‘It is now time that those responsible should not only be highlighted, but held to account. As we stagger towards another period of mismanaged decline, we believe that taxpayers, passengers, and those of us who work on the railway, those who loyally support the industry they love, deserve so much better.


‘It’s time for a fully-staffed and fully-funded railway system that works for everyone in Britain.’

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