A Personal Statement from Martin Samways

28 July 2005

May I say that my actions, along with others on the evening of that fateful night, have brought a huge shame on our ASLEF. I also believe rightly that we also brought ASLEF into disrepute.

It is that alone, that I feel, because of my great love for ASLEF, its members, its good name and traditions, that I should do what is right for ASLEF, and in an honourable way I tender my resignation as the guardian of the highest lay member office in ASLEF, and as a proud and privileged holder of the position of Executive Committee Member for ASLEF District No.4.

ASLEF has been like a brother, sister, mother and father to me, all my working life. I owe ASLEF and the Labour and Trade Union movement everything. ASLEF has helped provide me with conditions of employment in the workplace, it also provided me an education, and awareness in life of the responsibilities that we humans have to each other, in trying to do good for others that we represent, or seek to represent on a collective basis.

On the night in question, I lapsed along with others, and made a terrible error of judgement. I made a mistake, and like all human beings, we are all capable of making mistakes. However I am not excusing my behaviour whatsoever. I am big enough, to admit my mistakes, and to try and rectify that mistake by acknowledging that I should resign my positions in the union, forthwith.

I would not wish to comment too much on the incident itself on the night in question, or indeed the report of the incident. The report I understand is critical of me, and there are elements of the report that ASLEF will need to acknowledge, and act upon. However there are a couple of elements in the report, which I do not accept as a truthful account, although I fully appreciate the difficulty that the members of the panel will have had in this matter. I think that this is not the time to go into the events of that night, or to blame anyone else, or indeed comment further on the report, except, that I deny that I have ever assaulted Ms Atkinson intentionally or unintentionally, or that I have ever spoke on a frequent basis to female members of staff in the manner described in the report. The absence of any proof, of these absurd allegations will I suppose raise some interesting questions for some observers.

May I say again, I regret my part in the incident on the night, it has brought disgrace on our union, and myself. It has affected our ASLEF standing in the movement. I do hope by my attempts to try and right a wrong, for the betterment of ASLEF, it will assist in some small way, so that ASLEF can continue again to do what it does best and turn to new chapters and beginnings for the membership, and the preservation of lay member democratic control of ASLEF, which I think has been deliberately undermined in the past recent year, by various forces at large.

My apologies to all those in ASLEF, and to all those in the Labour and Trade Union movement.

Martin Samways

Former President Executive Committee ASLEF

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