AAD: Wednesday 23 May Oystein Aslaksen

24 May 2018

Øystein Aslaksen, international secretary of the Norsk Lokomotivmannsforbund, the Norwegian train drivers’ union, attended AAD to talk to, and listen to, delegates ‘as many of our fights are your fights, too.’ His union has 1,600 members, and 100% density, across the public and private sectors in Norway.


‘We choose to stay as a separate union, representing locomotive drivers, on the main line network (metro drivers belong to the municipal union) and we have good relationships, mostly, with other rail unions.


‘We want to discuss policy with other trade unions because different countries can learn from each other. You have been through the privatisation process and people all over the world are very interested in listening to your thoughts and hearing the lessons you have learned. Simon Weller and I were in India recently and UK experiences are highly valued among colleagues.


‘Norway is not a member of the European Union… and I strongly advise you not to use our model for the United Kingdom. Because we recognise that legislation from the EU is harmful for workers. Some of the laws – and directives – are very problematic for us.'




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