AAD: Thursday 24 May Susan Gray

24 May 2018

Susan Gray, stakeholder manager at the Confidential Incident Reporting & Analysis Service, a not for profit organisation with a brief to improve safety in our industry, spoke to delegates on Thursday afternoon.


‘At CIRAS we share goals with you and want to learn how to work with you more effectively. We’re a safety net, an insurance policy, when other systems haven’t worked.


‘When you raise a concern, we do a confidential interview, at a time that suits you, make a report, send it to the company, monitor the response, and send that as feedback to the person who reported the concern.


‘We examine welfare issues, such as fatigue and distraction, equipment, the work environment, safety practices, shift design, rules and procedures – all of these can be reported to us. We don’t take personal grievances.


‘Some people are sceptical about confidentiality but I’ve never felt any concern about confidentiality as we remove any information that could identify the reporter and do everything we can to protect the identity of the individual – and won’t take a case unless we can.


‘We’re not about undermining relationships; we aim to provide choice, so I hope you see us as a tool in your armoury.’




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