Report of the ASLEF Enquiry Panel into the events of 20 May 2004 at No.7 Arkwright Road

28 July 2005

We have today received the report from the independent enquiry panel set up with the help of the TUC to investigate the events of May 20.

We would like to thank the members of the panel for their work and the prompt delivery of this report.

As the enquiry"s chair says, this gives our executive an opportunity to consider very carefully how they can best safeguard the interests of our members.

The executive committee will meet on Tuesday to consider the report in detail, and decide what action, if any, will be taken on the report"s findings. We will issue a further statement after Tuesday"s meeting.

The report was passed to us at 9.30 today, but it has yet to be read by me, the Acting General Secretary, or the Executive Committee members. It will be read and carefully considered between now and Tuesday when the Executive Committee will meet and deliberate on the consequences. 

The report"s findings will be made available to all concerned soon after that, whatever action is decided upon. In the interests of fairness as well as openess, it is still right that those involved are sent out a copy of the report, rather than it becomes more widely available first.

The Chair of the Panel, Professor Aileen McColgan, has said "We wish ASLEF well for the future and sincerely hope that the executive committee uses the opportunity provided by its receipt of this report to consider very carefully how it can most effectively safeguard the interest of its members at this time".

The EC, on behalf of the whole union, will certainly use any opportunity to put this terrible time in ASLEF"s long and usually proud history behind us and move on to ensure the members can have the services and support they want, without disruption and looking to promote unity among the vast majority of our members. We cannot expect to please everyone in these circumstances.

The terms of reference for the enquiry were intentionally limited to one event to ensure the enquiry could be conducted fairly and promptly and we must now also take any decisions in the wider context of the whole union and the entire staff.

The Enquiry by Matthias Kelly QC into broader issues, like finance in the union over a substantial period, is expected to report by the end of June. We will keep the members fully informed about that and we can have everything out in the open in good time for the conference starting on 25 September 2004.

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