Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme - CICA Campaign

28 July 2005

On the 26 May 2004 members are requested to participate in the CICA Campaign.

ASLEF is campaigning against the Home Office proposals to remove train drivers involved in suicides and trespass from the right to claim from the Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme.

It is the intention that members approach passengers at stations seeking their support to our campaign by completing the CICA post cards. At the end of the day these will be collected by the Branch Secretary or other branch official and forwarded to Head Office.

There is no problem if a passenger does not know the name of his or her member of parliament as long as they write their first line of the address and postcode. 

Please liaise with your Branch Secretary who will coordinate local activity around a designated station agreed by your local Branch.

It is vital that we show a good response to the campaign and urge all members to fully participate in this event.

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