Petition for Trade Democracy

23 August 2018

Right now the nearly 800 members of the House of Lords are the only thing standing between Liam Fox and a secretive trade deal with Donald Trump.

US big business is pushing for a US-UK trade deal which would sweep away important standards and protections. We’re looking at a trade deal which prises open the NHS, which lets chlorine chicken onto our supermarkets shelves, and which lets big business sue governments in secretive courts for putting people ahead of corporate profits.


In early September the House of Lords will get a chance to discuss whether the government should get its trade plans voted on by parliament, giving them the right to scrutinise and, if necessary, stop toxic trade deals. 


Global Justice Now are campaigning for an amendment to the Trade bill, to ensure public transparency and to give Parliament a say over trade deal terms.  You can sign their petition to the House Lords for trade democracy here:  Tell House of Lords vote trade democracy


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