ASLEF at Congress: Sunday

09 September 2018

ASLEF's six delegates to the TUC - GS Mick Whelan, AGS Simon Weller, EC vice-president Dave Calfe, Lesley Atkins-Smith of King's Cross branch, Debbie Reay of Northern Line North, and Jim Walsh of Glasgow - were in action at the 150th Trades Union Congress in Manchester today. They were joined by ASLEF visitors including EC members Marz Colombini, Andy Hudd and Howard Kaye, and DOs Dicky Fisher and Nigel Gibson - at the Manchester Central convention complex.

The ASLEF train crew were delighted to see a familiar face - Bill Baxter, of Southport branch - on the door. Bill has been a TUC steward since 2007.

Mick, asked by Raj Syal of The Guardian about ASLEF's reaction to the speech by TUC GS Frances O'Grady, and the pledges of Unite, Unison and the GMB, to press for a second referendum on the terms of Brexit, said: ' We have not changed our view on Brexit but we do recognise that many workers have deep concerns about the apparent mishandling of Brexit by the Tory government. It remains our position that the current mandate be carried out but look forward to the open debate this week.'



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