ASLEF at Congress: Tuesday: Trans people are not deviants

12 September 2018

Trans people aren't deviants

Motion 41, noting the government’s announcement that it is to consult on changes to the Gender Recognition Act of 2004, and calling for a campaign in support of gender self-declaration, was moved by Maria Exall, of the LGBT+ conference; seconded by Debbie Reay, ASLEF; and supported by Jackie Green, PCS; Jenny Harvey, Unison; Julia Georgiou, NHBC; Maggie Ryan, Unite; and Michelle Codrington-Rogers, NAS/UWT. It was passed unanimously.

‘Trans people are regularly abused,’ said Debbie Reay of Northern Line North. A report by Stonewall found that 41% have been victims of a hate crime and 46% of young trans people have attempted suicide, because they can’t deal with the stigma and the hate. What is especially concerning for this conference is that 1:8 trans people have been attacked in the workplace.

‘The press and social media have blown this completely out of proportion. There is outrage about women-only spaces, where some believe men will use self-declaration as a cloak, to access these spaces for nefarious reasons, but that is not affected by the GRA. That’s covered by the Equalities Act.

‘I am pleased to say that the TUC, and the trade union movement, on the whole, is supportive of trans people. Because trans people aren’t deviants, they’re not a blight on our society. They are people undergoing traumatic and sometimes painful transition. They deserve our care, our compassion and our understanding.’


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