ASLEF at the Labour Party conference

23 September 2018

ASLEF has sent four delegates – Mick Whelan, general secretary; Tosh McDonald, EC president; Dave Bowen of Piccadilly branch; and Steve Scoffings of Leeds – to the Labour Party conference in Liverpool from Sunday 23 to Wednesday 26 September. Simon Weller, assistant general secretary; executive committee members Marz Colombini and Howard Kaye; district organiser Andy Hourigan; and Collette Gibson of Shenfield branch, who works for Crossrail, and is a member of the National Policy Forum, are attending as visitors

Angela Geddes-Brown, of Birmingham New Street, who works for East Midland Trains, and Debbie Reay, of Northern Line North, attended the Labour Party national women’s conference as ASLEF delegates on Saturday 22 September.


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