ASLEF Circular:First Great Western – Sunday 12 December 2004 Call for unofficial industrial action

26 July 2005


Fellow Members,

Information has been received from First Great Western that some members may be contemplating a concerted attempt to disrupt services on Sunday 12 December 2004.

The issues involved are at this moment in time confusing but members are reminded that any matters of concern should in the first instance be pursued through the agreed machinery of negotiation. Those who may be dissatisfied with the pay offer, for example, have the opportunity to express their feelings through the ballot box.

Members are also reminded not to put contracts of employment at risk by breaking terms of their contract without official support for action. Irrespective of the issue involved members should be aware that only the Executive Committee is authorised to call industrial action and that all other calls for industrial action are therefore deemed “unofficial” and puts the Society and its members at risk.

Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of your members.

Yours fraternally

Keith Norman
Acting General Secretary

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