ASLEF backs Mark Drakeford

19 October 2018


ASLEF is supporting Mark Drakeford in his campaign to become the next leader of the Welsh Labour Party.

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, said: ‘Mark shares our values which is why we’re proud to support his campaign to be the next leader of the Labour Party in Wales. He’s a strong proponent of trade unions – and the trade union link with the party – and we believe he will ensure the Welsh Labour Party, and the Labour Party nationally, remains a radical, democratic, socialist party that will deliver the change that is needed for the people of Wales.'

Mark has been Assembly Member for Cardiff West since 2011 and cabinet secretary for finance in the Welsh government since 2016. He is a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn; an active trade unionist; and a member of Unison and Unite.

Brian Corbett, ASLEF’s district organiser for Wales, said: ‘Mark is committed to the regeneration of the Valleys and to the public ownership of Britain’s railways. He’s part of that great radical tradition in Wales and has the backing of many Assembly Members.’

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