Bill Ronksley

06 November 2018

It is with great sadness that ASLEF this morning has to announce the death of Bill Ronksley, a legend of the labour movement.


Mick Whelan, general secretary, said: 'We are sad to have to announce that Bill, one of ASLEF's greatest presidents, a great trade unionist, and an inspiration to so many of us in the labour movement, passed away peacefully in the night. We know our sorrow will be shared by all those who knew and loved him.'


Tosh McDonald, president, said: 'Bill, who I met when I joined the railway, was the full-time officer in District 4 then. He took me under his wing and for that I will always be grateful. He was a giant of ASLEF and did so much for this trade union.'


Bill, 94, was a member of ASLEF for 76 years. He was still living in Sheffield, where he was always keen to see and talk to old comrades. Tosh and Ray Jackson, chair of ASLEF's RMS committee, visited him regularly.


Simon Weller, assistant general secretary, said: 'Bill was president during some of the most difficult and turbulent times in ASLEF's history. We are all going to miss him enormously.'


Nick Whitehead, District 4 Organiser, said: 'Sad news of a great man.'


Graham Morris, District 1 Organiser, said: 'Very sad news.'


Nigel Gibson, District 5 Organiser, said: 'He will be remembered as an inspirational campaigner and dedicated trade unionist.'


Dicky Fisher, District 6 Organiser, said: 'Our condolences and sympathy go out today to all his family and friends.'


And Kevin Lindsay, District 2 Organiser, said simply: 'Sad day, comrades.'


Details of his funeral will be published here on the website.




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