ASLEF calls on MSPs to stand up for Scottish taxpayers

14 November 2018

ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has called on Members of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood to back a motion to bring ScotRail back into public ownership.


Kevin Lindsay, the union’s organiser in Scotland, said: ‘There is a crucial vote in the Scottish Parliament today on a Labour motion that calls on the Scottish government to exercise a break clause in the ScotRail contract in 2020, ending the franchise held by Abellio early, in 2022, and bringing our railway here in Scotland back into public ownership.


‘Because it’s clear to everyone who uses the railway here in Scotland – businesses as well as passengers – as well as all those of us who work on the railway, that privatisation has failed the people of this country.


‘Criticism of ScotRail – much of it deserved – has come from all quarters and it is clear that the company is coming up short on what it delivers – or, rather, fails to deliver – for passengers and businesses.


‘But we don’t want to replace one failing private train operator with another. Because we know the model is broken. Privatisation has delivered nothing that the Tory government of John Major, 25 years ago, promised.


‘Our rolling stock is older, our trains are more crowded, and fares have gone through the roof. Mr Major talked about competition. But there is no competition! It was, and is, a fraud perpetrated by the Tories on passengers and taxpayers.


‘We say enough is enough and it’s time for MSPs to do the right thing. We are calling on MSPs to stand up for Scottish taxpayers and the travelling public. Put ScotRail out of its misery and bring our railway back into public ownership to be run by and for the people of Scotland, as a public service, not for private profit.’




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