Bill Ronksley's funeral

03 December 2018

Former ASLEF President Bill Ronksley's funeral has been arranged for Wednesday 5 December. The cortege will leave Wortley Hall at 11.30 for his funeral service at 12 noon at Grenoside Crematorium, 5 Skew Hill Lane, Sheffield, S35 8RZ. There will be a wake afterwards, from 2pm, at Wortley Hall.

Transport has been arranged as follows: 

Departing Sheffield Rail Station 11.15 to Grenoside Crem

Departing approx 13.30 from Grenoside Crem following funeral service to Wortley Hall for wake.

Departing 17.00 from Wortley Hall back to Railway station. 

Buses cannot park on the station front so they will be on Shoreham Street near Radio Sheffield (post code S1 4RS). Exit the station front, head up rising pavement along the side of the water feature, cross over the zebra crossing and turn left onto Shoreham Street. 

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