Shaun Brady appeal dismissed

26 July 2005

The ASLEF appeals committee has rejected the appeal by Shaun Brady against dismissal from his post of general secretary.

Shaun Brady was dismissed from office after the executive committee of ASLEF found him guilty of Gross Misconduct after he engaged in fighting with the union"s president and failed in his duty to avoid or prevent such fights on 20 May 2004.

The executive committee said this was in breach of rule and in breach of his contract and constituted gross misconduct.

The executive committee said that he brought ASLEF in to disrepute, not least in relation to media coverage following the incident on 20 May 2004 in breach of rule, and this was in breach of his contract and constituted gross misconduct.

Additionally he failed to carry out the instructions of the EC to co-operate with an inquiry into the union"s finances and operations conducted by Mr Matthias Kelly QC.

The ASLEF appeals committee is elected independently of the union"s executive committee and is made up of representatives of each of the union"s eight districts.

Mr Kelly is a former chair of the Bar Council.

A circular to ASLEF branches will be issued in the week commencing 29 November 2004.

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