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26 July 2005

The daughter of a South West Trains driver who has died of a fatal cancer caused by exposure to asbestos in the works mess room has hit out at the ignorance and arrogance of those who ignored the warnings of danger from her dad and other work colleagues.

Sharon Reed-Evans, daughter of Ray Reed, who formerly worked out of the Guildford depot and whose mess room was at Guildford said:

"My dad would be alive today and loving life as he always did if someone had listened to his warnings. My dad"s exposure was minute in comparison to some you hear of who lagged with the stuff or chipped it off pipework. All he did was brush past the asbestos which was exposed on a boiler in the mess room but that was enough to kill him. Through ignorance or arrogance of those to whom he repeatedly complained he died a painful and premature death. 

The death of my dad proves that even a tiny bit of asbestos was and is a killer. It is a warning to us all. No one should touch asbestos or put up with it in any form at their workplace."

Her solicitor Clare Mellor who is pursuing the case for the family with backing from ASLEF said: "This is a tragic story of a small exposure having a devastating impact. Liability has been admitted in the case and whilst nothing can bring Ray back we are hoping to conclude it as quickly as possible to get proper compensation for Mr Reed"s family."

See pages 16,17 and 18 of the November 2004 Locomotive Journal

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