Attacks on London: ASLEF says delayed is better than dead

21 July 2005

In the wake of the second attack on London, ASLEF issued a statement stressing that the safety of drivers, railway workers and passengers was its overwhelming priority.

General Secretary Keith Norman said that there was one overwhelming truth – which was that, ‘It is better to be a delayed passenger than a dead passenger.’ This would be the touchstone for any collective or individual decision for ASLEF members. 

‘Some elements of management and the media had the gall to criticise London Underground drivers for being reluctant to take out trains when the extent of the attacks remained unknown,’ Keith said. ‘On the contrary, I applaud them for it. 

‘ASLEF members are the underground’s undisputed safety professionals. If any ASLEF driver says it is not safe for a train to run, we will back that member in his decision up to the hilt. 

‘That is the position today, and it will remain our position.’

District Organiser Steven Grant continues talks with London Underground today but he is adamant that the union will ‘not concede an inch on safety’.

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