Time for Theresa to go, says Mick

16 January 2019

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, says ‘It’s time for Theresa May to go’ ahead of tonight’s vote of no confidence in the government.


‘It’s not just the defeat; it’s the scale of the defeat. Because this was her deal; and it is her defeat. She has spent two-and-a-half years working hard to get to this point. The point at which Parliament, by 432 votes to 202, has said it’s a bad deal for Britain. No one likes it – neither hard-line Brexiteers nor those who want to remain in the EU. It is quite remarkable that the Prime Minister has managed to persuade so many different politicians, from so many different parties, with so many different points of view, to go into the lobby and vote against her. If you take out the payroll vote there really is very little support for her, even on her own side! But Theresa May is, at least, assured of her place in the history books. Because last night’s vote was the biggest Parliamentary defeat for a sitting government in history!


‘Some people say she displays fortitude, others that she is merely stubborn. Many, on her own side, think she is being stupid and simply “doesn’t get it”. That she can come back with a Plan B that is, essentially, Plan A, and it will be voted through. It won’t.


‘And that is why MPs tonight she do the right thing and follow the logic of the vote last night and say they have no confidence in the government of Theresa May. Then we can have a general election which will allow the people to have a meaningful vote on the future of this country.


‘I hope that will see the return of a Labour government. But even Tory voters, like Tory MPs, can see that a Prime Minister who is humiliated in the House of Commons, and in whom MPs have no confidence, and who cannot get her Brexit deal through, has to go.’


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